Another Attendance Record! (MIA)

This morning we had:

  • An EPIC birthday crowd surf UP THE STAIRS by our beloved Luisy “GoProGirlMiami”
  • 7 new members
  • Visitors from NP tribes in Chicago and Milwaukee
  • A new attendance record for our tribe!

Those are just some of the highlights from an intense workout led by our guest leader Luisy!

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One Reply to “Another Attendance Record! (MIA)”

  1. I left a review before, but I’m going to write another one in case anyone is on the fence about going to the next one.

    So, the workout itself is awesome, it’s simple enough but it’s fun and challenging. My glorified pedometer is telling me that I climbed 94 floors today (needless to say that number will have to increase to 100 by the end of today, cause OCD). Now, if you suck at it, whatever… people will encourage you, but it’s not the olympics, you’re allowed to be less than fantastic. You’ll get better eventually.

    The people are great, super welcoming, friendly, and you may not be able to tell by RSVPs here, but a ton of people show up. The pictures the organizers post here are current, not from that one day when people actually made it.

    Really just show up!

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