You don’t have to be the fastest to win. (Worcester)

When Brooks Running announced that they were giving every city 2 pairs of shoes to giveaway at the #Sunrise6k, Jim and I knew one thing for sure. The shoes weren’t automatically going to the fastest finishers. We were rewarding people for just showing up, so EVERYONE had the same chance to win. After all, NP tagline is #JustShowUp.

When pushing this event, we had one thing in mind. We want everyone to participate. Advertising the fastest people winning the shoes seems that it could be discouraging and exclusive. No one should feel badly about the pace they run/walk. If you are fast, and want to guarantee yourself a prize for that, then you go to a paid race, But at November Project Worcester- We are more focused on showing up, having a safe and healthy space for the community, and building relationships. I think we are doing all these things, and doing them well.

The thing is, everyone runs for a different purpose. Some are training year round to compete at an elite level, some are weekend warriors, and then there is everything in between. If you run, you are a runner. If you ever had a doubt, Repeat that line, out loud, to yourself… now. We want to celebrate each runner the same.

Today’s #Sunrise6k was UNBELIEVABLE. For one, it was the largest turnout we have ever seen in this history of Woo sunrise 6ks. The energy was off the CHARTS. Each and every one of you pushed yourselves, and more importantly- pushed your peers. The support was BOLD from the very beginning to the very end. The high 5’s, the screaming, the smiling, the hard efforts coming in to the finish chute.

So many dogs. WE LOVE DOGS.

It was a beautiful morning for this race. Thank you to all who participated and volunteered. Thank you to Brooks Running and Redemption Rock Brewing for the giveaways, thank you Bosco for the medal design, and thank you Mike Crosby for producing the medals. Without everyone coming together, these things don’t go off so smooth. Man, I love Worcester.


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3 Replies to “You don’t have to be the fastest to win. (Worcester)”

  1. Thanks to all of you Woo! Especially our fearless leaders who support us all, just for showing up! We all win, we are all runners. Feel great and crush this weekend!

  2. If it wasn’t for NP Woo and the people that I have met I would never have started running. Starting running at 53 year old is not the easiest thing to do, but being part of this tribe has certainly helped me become a runner. Thanks to everyone in NP Woo tribe for all of the high 5’s, great jobs, encouragement and hugs, I really have appreciated them over the course of the last 6 months of my running journey. For that is the reason that I will always be a winner regardless of how fast I go.

  3. The energy was absolutely electrifying. Love the people and loved the run this am! Thank you Woo for making it so easy to just show up!

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