The Making of a 3rd NPSF Co-Leader

Happy Friday NPSF! As we mentioned this morning, we’re stoked to be bringing on a new leader next week. We think having a 3rd will allow us to get re-energized and have more bandwidth to plan cool workouts, events, and collabs. While we’ll wait until Wednesday to share more about who it is, we want to take this opportunity to share some of our thought process behind picking a leader – some of you have asked in the past about leadership selection, what goes into it, who we consider, and pointed out ways we can improve the process. 

When looking for a new leader this time around, we aimed to be thoughtful and clear about the decisions we were making, and challenge ourselves on why we made them. We tried to define clear criteria for what we believed would make a good NP leader, and came up with:

  • Consistently attends workouts – #justshowsup
  • Pushes themselves and others, regardless of their speed/fitness level
  • Makes an effort to be inclusive and welcome new people
  • Takes initiative, in or out of workouts, to contribute to NP, plan events, provide feedback*
  • Engages in NP activities – comes to events, dresses up for theme days
  • Brings enthusiasm and energy

We ended up with a short list of people who we felt fit those criteria. We also talked to some people about who came to mind as a leader for them, and why, to see if it gave us a different perspective.

Next, we tried to take a step back and ensure that we were checking ourselves on who were thinking about and who we weren’t, and why. Here’s a couple of things we talked through:

  • Was there someone who had a lot of these qualities but isn’t the loudest in the room, or might not feel comfortable taking initiative without being asked, but we think could do it if they had the opportunity (this is why there’s an * beside that item in the list above).
  • What biases were included in how we thought about the people we were considering, or in the way others explained their choices when asked? Could we see places where we could question those biases (eg: women are often seen as more aggressive than men when they’re assertive. There are many other unconscious biases like this that can play into how people are perceived)

Doing this was useful for us to open up our thought processes about who might be a good fit, and how we considered others’ feedback. 

And in the end, a huge part of the decision comes from the potential new leader his or herself – are they interested in leading? Are they able to make the time commitment right now? What other life circumstances do they have that might make it harder or easier to take on this responsibility? Are they sticking around for a while? Do they feel energized about being more involved in NPSF and bringing their own spin?

The new mystery leader exemplifies these qualities and we’re amped to have them onboard to help make NP better for all of you. 

We hope that helps give you a bit of a clearer sense of how we’ve been trying to guide our thinking. That being said, we’re open to feedback on this process and ways we can improve, so please let us know if you have any thoughts or questions.

Additionally, we know some of you might want to get more involved in NP, but aren’t sure how to do that outside of leading. It’s important to us that we give you the opportunity to contribute and bring your unique spin to NP, with or without being an official leader. Some ways we plan to do that:

  • More guest leaders! We love the energy and creativity guest leaders bring. We will continue to reach out to people but would love if you reached out to us if you’re interested. It doesn’t matter if you’re quiet/loud, slow/fast, new/been around forever – we’d love to have your ideas and excitement at a workout.
  • We love to hear your feedback! Have an idea for how we can improve? Want to try out a bounce idea? Interested in planning an NP event outside of workouts? Message us or talk to us after a workout, we are here with open ears.

And with that, have a great weekend SF! See you Sunday for the SF Marathon Water Station!!!

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