Thunder (YEG)

A little thunder won’t stop us…..but we may kick up the safety gauge to a safety second…maybe a safety first. Having to shut my windows in the early morning due to the howling wind and thundering cracks made me think that our workout might be an interesting one.

Last year we were even barred once from entering commonwealth due to the risk of lighting striking the building. This morning we were prepped for what the workout would look like if that happened again. To my happy surprise the conditions improved and Gate 2 was open when we arrived. Buttttttttt with that safety gauge kicked up a notch we still stuck only to the lower bowl.

Today you crushed the lower bowl and for those training for the next attempt at the Old 96er it was a great way to get used to those long steps. You showed up despite your weather app, despite your alarm clock, and despite knowing that you were going to push yourself. Thank you for being a part of this community today – it was better with you.

The biggest announcement we have was the date for our Sunrise 6km. Sept long weekend on that Monday we will toe the start line all together. There will be more details in future blogs but for now know that this is an out-and-back race to try and push yourself. This race is for EVERYONE. Everyone. No really, go back and reread that….I’ll wait…..I’ve got all day….I am just random letters strung together on a computer screen – I am not going anywhere. EVERYONE. Seriously this race is for every fitness level no matter what. Mark it in your calendars and get hyped.


  • Friday – Walterdale Hill
  • September long weekend Monday (Sept 2) – Sunrise 6km

Keep being awesome,


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