Raise your hand if you went home to a quiet house. Raise your hand if you went home and tip-toed around the kitchen making a warm cup of coffee and then climbed back into bed. How about if you live in a NP house and just made all the noise you wanted because, it was 46 degrees, endorphins were high and you needed to warm the F up. MAJOR PROPS if this is a normal day for you, and you went home and showered, laced up your tie (that’s how that works, right?), and grabbed your pb toast on your way out the door to work. BUT ALSO MAJOR PROPS to YOU, if this is a day that you could’ve slept in. If this was a day that you could’ve taken a couple extra hours and just snoozed away in that warm bed of yours and, instead, you got up, laced up, and ran up.

We KNOW that we had about 12 (more?) first timers out there this morning. People who maybe think, “I could never make it to work on time,” or “I just live too far from Meridian,” (although, one of you lives in the apt building DIRECTLY ACROSS THE PARK ON 16TH) and “Mondays? Oh those aren’t my thing.” But today was different, today is a holiday, today is a day off from work, and a day to try new things. We’re glad you came, we’re excited you set your alarm and didn’t give into that split second snooze seduction. We hope that you left pumped enough to work it out so you can workout and then get your (soon to be best) ass (in DC) to work on time(ish). You could even set an alarm right now for Wednesday. I mean, if you want.  (There’s a 5:30 option for you early risers and you, “my boss gets in by 8am” humans.) Set an alarm for next Monday. DO IT.

We also KNOW that a lot of us were there out of habit. Out of, “So what if it’s a holiday? That’s my favorite kind of NP day. That’s my brunch and hot coffee after NP day.” A lot of us showed up because we know that on a day like today, where we may accomplish little to nothing else all day, we can race some hills and sweat through shirts before the sun rises. And then we can go home and feel totally justified when we spend 20 minutes in the shower, spend 20 more on a really good insta caption (that was a pretty involved Pumpkin joke, Jake) and then snuggle up and watch a movie, read a book, and gchat our friends that had to go to work.

If you were there for your millionth time or there for your first time, YOU DID A REALLY GOOD JOB DOING SOMETHING TODAY.


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