San Francisco, Where People Show Up At 7:10 For A 6:30 Workout

We get it.

Sometimes our alarm clocks fail us. Sometimes your boyfriend is spooning you so hard you can’t get up. Sometimes Rocky has a tough time waking up.  Sometimes you don’t want to give back the positivity award so you “sleep in” (ahem, Perry).

But there is a new phenomenon happening in San Francisco these days. Sweaty, fatigued runners are showing up to NP workouts just as they are ending to get their hugs and photo ops in. This morning, both Jorge and Scura jogged in from opposite ends of Fort Mason, glistening after their early morning run. The run they didn’t do with NP. The run they started at 6:30 but took off in the opposite direction of the people hoping to see them this morning.

Instead of turning them away like McCloskey would like, Paddy did a cheer for Jorge and invited Scura into the group photo. I think it’s clear out of us leaders who has the bigger heart.

Listen. We LOVE that you guys are out there pounding the pavement and getting your morning high. I guess all I am saying is, we miss you when you’re not around. So stop teasing us with late night booty calls, and come join us for a proper meal.

Wednesday: Alta Plaza, 5:30 and 6:30 AM

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