You can thank the Ancient Egyptians for today’s workout

Recently, Nick commented on how the tribe grew up during his two weeks away while he was busy growing his lettuce and slinging his spoon around at the World Lacrosse Championship. Having been away for the past two weeks myself, I wondered what shenanigans the tribe had been up to in my absence and what I could expect for today’s workout.

The tribe did not disappoint.

First off, when did 75+ people at a 6:30 workout become a regular thing? I’m not complaining, but holy smokes are you all kicking ass. You keep showing up, and we’ll keep making sure you don’t leave the workout anything but exhausted and without a couple of sweaty hugs and new friends.


Today was Pyramid Day. Literally: August 6th is Pyramid Day. Who knew? Just kidding, but I had you there for a second. We ascended and descended with burpees, box jumps, and mountain climbers, mixed in with some stairs and Rashy laps (yup that’s a thing now). Whether you finished the whole workout or barely made it through half of it, it doesn’t matter; you are beautiful and we are so happy that you came.

Leader love.
Leader love.

REMINDER: Patterson Park hill workout starts THIS FRIDAY AT 6:30AM. Meet at the NE entrance to the park, on the corner of Baltimore & Linwood. We’ve done an outstanding job at waking up Fed Hill for the past six months, now it’s time to rouse some new folks.

Also, save the date: #BetterThanBedtime run & drinks – August 17th Sunday! More to come.

So excited to be back with you all. See you Friday!


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