You can pick your friends, but…(DEN)

530 in a league of their own


  • 10 minutes into the 530 workout, Kipp comes up to me, sweat rolling off his brow, to say “Holy shit!  This is fucking hard!  Shit!”  Day.  Made.
  • Nobody died from rolling in the wet grass on Ready Go’s.  Day made, twice.
  • If you haven’t seen Sam Caravello’s face while sprinting after getting up from aforementioned wet grass, do yourself a favor and keep an eye out.  Gold.
  • Baseball was played with burpees, partner plank hops, hoistees, and bear crawls, oh my!  Followed by juiced dizzy bats and burnouts!  What a spicy little morning we had!
  • If you have to fart, but just can’t seem to manage, Alphabet leg swings, a la Rishabh, are a great way to fix that little problem.

After yesterday morning’s proceedings, I’ve got a boog…er… bone to pick with you people.  I was bouncing all over the workouts yesterday, having  a grand time working out with my old friends, and making some new ones along the way – Margaret, Kristen, & Bill, to name a few.  I played pitcher and even made announcements with Erin in front of both groups.  Let’s  say about 80 of you.  I even had face-to-face chats with Rachel Mullen, Kipp, Rishabh, Jay, Erin, Christine, and maybe some others after the workouts.

I packed my things and loaded up my car to head home and get ready for my day, and get Nugget ready for day care.  As I took a peak in my rear view mirror to check for traffic, I saw not someone, but someTHING staring back at me.  Peaking it’s not-so-little head out of my ample nostril was, you guessed it, a booger.  Not a small one, either.  My first instinct was to wipe it off and flick it outside (#litter).  After I cleaned myself up and started making my way down Broadway, something struck me.  How long had my little friend been hanging there?  There’s no way no one saw it.  Someone, multiple someones, HAD to see it!  Even my CO-LEADER didn’t utter a peep.  Erin, we’ve got a long way to go.

No one, not one of you said a word about the snot goblin in my bat cave.  Now, in my reflection upon this experience, I’ve come to understand two potential perspectives.  First, I have no friends.  True friends would’ve alerted me to the snot goblin, maybe even helped me dig him out.  No one did.  I went through some portion of the workout with a gremlin coming out of my nose.  Second, I have more friends than I can count.  Everyone saw the nose gremlin and never said a peep because certain aspects of my personal hygiene just don’t matter – they don’t weigh our friendship down and you don’t count them against my character.

After careful discernment regarding the gremlin gaffe, I’ve decided I have more friends than I can count.  Some of you may have seen the monster, some of you may not have seen him.  It doesn’t matter.  You were accepting of my faults and chose to carry on in the name of positivity, inclusivity, community, and free fitness.  I’ll continue to love that about this group till kingdom come.  No matter the differences, no matter if you were laughing at my snot goblin as you headed off to your coffee, no matter how many burpees I ask you to do – you just keep showing up.  You show up for your friends, you show up for yourselves, and you show up for our growing Denver community.  That’s something we can’t hide under a bushel basket!

So in the name of sharing this beautiful thing with our city the dates for #FillTheStairs are as follows:

June 20

July 18

August 22

There are a lot of stairs.  We have REAL prizes – Goodrs, gift cards, and maybe even some TNF swag!  It starts now, every workout.  We’ll track your recruits by you tagging them and us (November Project-Denver) in one photo.  Feel free to tag them in the rest, just don’t include us, it’s easier to track that way.  Prizes will be awarded to top 2 recruiters in each phase.  Yes, you can win more than once.  So start talking!!

Don’t lose that vibe, don’t fake that funk.


Friday – Denver Performing Arts Pavilion 530/615

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