Wednesday, Best Day (NOLA)

Today I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how amazing Wednesdays are. How powerful they can be. How the movement we are building and growing and continuing thrives because of Wednesdays.

This morning, a little before 3:00 a.m., my grandpa, “Papa”, took his final breath. It was a peaceful scene. At 92 years old, he’s been surrounded by family and friends and love for weeks as we prepared for this day. No one really knew when it would happen. But I’m glad it was on a Wednesday. It makes this day of the week that much more special.

For those of you who were at the workout this morning, you are likely confused as to why I was there, acting my normal self, rather than mourning or sad. Well the truth is, I didn’t know yet. I had a feeling, but I hadn’t received any calls of confirmation. I am not upset about it though because my family knew that in that moment, on this Wednesday, I was exactly where I needed to be – with my NOLA family. They wanted me to start my Wednesday like I always do, in the best way.

You see – I am my best, happiest, most-alive self when I’m surrounded by this tribe. Even on my worst days, I crave the energy I feel from your hugs, high fives, laughs, and even curse words because of the workout. My day is always better when started with y’all. I have no doubt that the next few days at home in Houston are going to be difficult, especially on Friday when I can’t watch the sunrise on the lakefront & get the jitters from Russell’s bottomless coffee. Being with my family is going to mean so much to me, but almost equally as meaningful is knowing that when I come back to NOLA next week, I’ll be embraced by my family away from home.

Wednesdays aren’t just the halfway point of the week. They are so much more. They are our chance to connect. To work hard. To push ourselves and each other. To hug when we need to be hugged and to cry when we need to cry. To laugh with strangers who eventually become our best friends. To know that no matter how bad the rest of your day or week or month or year may be, that all you have to do is just show up to feel supported.

Thank you, each and every one of you, for showing up on this Wednesday and any other Monday, Wednesday or Friday in NOLA with this tribe. By showing up, you’re adding to the light and life and community that lifts us up more than anything else. Keep showing up. Keep inviting friends to show up. And never forget that all you have to do is just show up.

I love you, New Orleans. Thanks for helping me win my day on a day that could’ve easily been the worst day. Go tell someone you love that you love them. And as always, win your day.



  • Team Dad has 15 points. Team Mom has 13 points. #recruiteveryone #especiallyifyouareTEAMMOM
  • Fat Boy Run this weekend!
  • Yearbook Photos on June 13th
  • Be nice to Dad while mom is away for two workouts. I’ll see y’all next Wednesday 🙂
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