You Are… (BOS)

You are awesome.

You are amazing.

You are wonderful.

You are powerful.

You are inspiring.

You are cool.

Today’s destination deck workout included teams that, together, completed lots of reps of 6 different exercises. Reps were determined by giant dice that got rolled down a hill. It was a little bit of “you had to be there,” but generally speaking, the air was cold, the sunrise was fire, the fitness was fierce, and the community was strong. I guess it’s what you could call a “normal” Monday workout, but it might also have been a little special, or different.

To split up groups, we often just tell you to “find a partner” or “get into a group of 4” or something like that. Sometimes we split the group in half, or even count you off by numbers. Today I went around the entire group and looked each person in the eye and declared one of the statements at the start of this blog. It’s a different thing to just group up or to call off numbers, than to tell you something that has to do with who you are, and which is actually true. It’s a little less about faceless/nameless fitness, and a little more about I see you and I’m glad YOU are here.

Plus, it was fun to ask, “who’s AMAZING?” and “who’s AWESOME?!” and have whole groups of NPers raise their hands and yell. Because heck yeah, you are amazing. And you’re awesome. And this community is inspiring as hell, just for choosing to show up on Monday mornings. You’re powerful by putting in the work to make fitness a priority. And you’re wonderful for being open to it being fun. And don’t forget, all the cool kids are doing this NP thing…

Even the crew of folks who arrived after the groups were formed ended up being “Responsible” for gathering anyone else who arrived so they had a group.

But after the workout, I got a text from someone who described their run home from the #destinationdeck like this, “I repeated those words in my head all the way home. It definitely made the miles go by much faster.” Imagine experiencing that too. Imagine a mantra, or the cadence of that statement: I am awesome … amazing … wonderful … powerful … inspiring … cool … awesome … amazing … wonderful … powerful … inspiring … cool…

Take it, and use the whole thing. Pick the words that you love, leave the ones you don’t. But remember they all apply to you. And sometimes showing up for the workout gives you a good sweat, a great way to start your day, some important connection with other people, and some validation that you needed to hear. Or you didn’t even realize you needed, but there it is and it feels pretty good. Keep coming back, you might not realize how much you’ll get out of it. Just remember:

You are…


next monday: 3/9 at 6:29am. We’re doing this again…same location as today: Boston Landing. Just show up right HERE and we’ll have just as much, if not more fun!

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