Enjoying Hill Repeats (YEG)

And those who run in at least one group appear to enjoy running more than the lone wolves by a wide margin. This holds true for every country we surveyed.


Some of you may have already looked through Strava’s Why We Run project – it’s an interesting collection of survey data gathered from 25,000 Strava athletes who shared their whys.

We have blogged a lot about understanding and reflecting upon your why. Why you run. Why you choose NP. Why you just show up.

What I find interesting in this data and in my conversations with you is that while many of our whys are universal they are also unique. We would suspect each of us had various motivations/reasons to show up this morning. Perhaps we’d verbaled to someone, or needed to get a workout in at the start of the day because the rest of the day was going to be busy, or we had extra time this morning because it was teacher’s convention, or we needed the energy of our community to help us complete the week, or…the list could go on and on. If you are like me, I could list 4-5 reasons for getting up and running hills this morning.

As I read the Strava quote that kicked off this post I ask myself, “would I actually describe running hills as enjoyable?” I am not sure I’d describe hill repeats as enjoyable but I feel stronger once I have done them and it is much more enjoyable when I do them with my NP community than if I were to do them on my own! So to each of you who showed up this morning to do hill repeats, know that you were one of my reasons for showing up!

One of the other reasons you may have chosen to show up this morning was to find out What’s in the Bag?. Today’s edition revealed Nadim’s Face! Congratulations to everyone who earned an exclusive Nadim Face button. Nadim can now be with you wherever you go!

#justshowup 6 AM – Kicking off the final month of the NP Canada Button Challenge!

Until next time…SMILE! J

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  1. Having these kind of project/ activity so much fun and much more enjoyable. Aside from that, this hill repeats can help you get faster by increasing the frequency and length of your stride. and which is a strength training workout for all your running muscles

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