Frozen Boogers (BOS)

It’s been a weird winter in New England. We had some snow way back in November, I think, but 2020 hasn’t had any real snowfall or accumulation. But the overnight temps are still dropping below that freezing point enough to make the Friday morning hill workouts brisk. This morning it was cold.

Well, not cold like Canada. They’re on another planet for winter. But it was cold and windy, which made it pretty uncomfortable if you happened to stop moving even for a moment, and which offered a big ol’ slap in the face when you ran into it. It was the perfect condition for producing lots of facial mucus and then freezing those boogers either inside or outside your nose.

Now, I know I write some of these blogs with significant, meaningful topics from time to time, and frozen boogers doesn’t exactly fit that bill. But every once in a while it’s important to think about the ridiculous shit that happens when you really do show up, remind yourself and everyone else how #weatherproof you are, and you let the cold winds and the hot hills create that strange concoction that is frozen boogers. They’re real. They’re ridiculous. And they’re even more impressive on a super small human.

Today’s winner of #TheWeatherproofWood award was baby Adrian, son of super-mom Tessa Haynes…and while he provided a little body heat for mom, he also showed incredible #weatherproofness, while producing an impressive amount of frozen boogers.

Keep the good times coming, friends. Weekend earned.


MONDAY 3/2 at 6:29am. workout is at Boston Landing right HERE.

FRI 3/13 is our last winter WOahMAN of the series, so get ready for that.

SAT 3/14 in the pm will be a winter social, to celebrate the end of the WOahMAN series and of winter 😉 Save the date.

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