Blurring the Line (YEG)

For today’s blog, I’m actually going to write a part 2 to what Rob wrote last Monday. To recap, we’ve been going through the November Project’s Community Agreements in a bit more depth and I wanted to reflect a bit more on the identities part.

Respect…. Our Identities

Our emotional experiences and social attributes define our identities. We respect and celebrate those unique traits that make our communities more vibrant and diverse.

One of the things I love about November Project Canada is how diverse the group is. And I don’t just mean how we have some newborns in strollers, as well as our 91 yr old friend, Bill. I’m talking about how you can have teachers sweating next to students, or whatever it is that I do for my job, next to social workers. We’ve had reporters, journalists, government workers, engineers, politicians, mechanics, trades people, realtors, bankers, used car salespeople, Olympians, Oilers, Flames (that’s a trick, it is the same person)… and so on.. But wait! That’s just talking about how they get their paycheque. We also had Albertans, Saskatchewanderers, Americans, South Africans, and so on… But wait! We’ve had tall people, we’ve had short people, we’ve had loud people and we’ve had quiet people. I’m not done yet. We’ve had people who identify as male, female and as non-binary. We’ve had conservatives, we’ve had liberals, we’ve had socialists. We’ve had Seumas and we’ve had fake Seumas. We’ve had turtles, we’ve had goats, we’ve had reindeer. We’ve had only childs, the oldest and the youngest siblings. Oh, and I almost forgot, we’ve also had middle children. Ok. I think you get the point now.

This group is diverse. And the only way it has and will continue to work is through respecting our identities. You see, regardless of emotional experiences and social attributes, we are all there to sweat it out together. Yes, we may have different beliefs and different opinions, but we all sweat the same sweat, and we all bleed the same blood. And when you have diversity, combined with mutual respect, you are making the world a better place. You’re co-existing and accomplishing something in an era where you feel like you have to be all in on one side of the line or the other. You’re reaching over and hugging across that line. Let’s keep blurring that line. Let’s keep being ourselves. Let’s keep welcoming in everyone that’s around us whether they’re your clone, or the complete opposite from you. Let’s keep respecting and celebrating each other. It’s making NP, Edmonton and the world a better place to live.


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What’s in the bag? – Nothing

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