Yes, grandma, you CAN join us! (BAL)


Today was rowdy. Today was groovy. Today was everything that Nick Rod and I could have asked for. Gosh darn do we just want to squeeze all of you tight (but not Lenny from Of Mice & Men tight, don’t worry).

We burpeed. We sprinted. We box-jumped. We scurried through the sand in our bare feet. Hell, we’d have given Pamela Anderson a run for her money during Baywatch auditions back in the day. A series of six stations left all of us thoroughly exhausted but ready for more, as always. We caught the attention of a lovely woman who inquired about our ridiculous antics. She tried to excuse herself from a #verbal on account of her status as a grandma. We promptly informed her that NP_BAL knows no boundaries, only hoisties and sweaty hugs. We hope to see her, her children, and her grandchildren very soon.

Maurice kept true to his word from last week and joined us for his first NP workout. I only hope that he and his outrageous grunts come back next week. Whether they were grunts of pain or pleasure, we don’t know, but we loved ’em. Thank you to all of this week’s newbies for kicking ass and showing up!

The wonderful Sarah P. was the recipient of our Positivity Stick this week – congrats Sarah! We initially planned to give it to her next week, since it will be her last workout with us before joining the Mother Tribe in Boston, but quickly realized that we would then have no way of getting it back. Don’t worry everyone, your NP_BAL co-leaders are motivating AND smart!

Just look at that beautiful holding form.
Just look at that beautiful holding form.


– #bmore_Bmore race on SATURDAY MAY 31ST AT 3PM! Tell anyone and everyone you know. We gon’ be ragin’. Start working on those Baltimore-themed costumes!

– Remember those recruiting papers we made a while back? Keep an eye out for their reappearance next week – we’re sending some of you on a secret mission!


Keep up the strong work tribe. Can’t wait to bounce uncomfortably close to you all again in one week!


Mucho amor,




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