Yearbook Photos and #GlobalRunningDay (YEG)

There are a lot of different types of ‘days’ in the year. Doughtnut Day (June 7th), Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 21) etc. Today’s ‘day’ is a special one, it means a lot to this community, and it is the thing that we all rally behind in so many ways. I wanted to give a special shout out to today’s day because it is Sausage Roll Day!!

What is a sausage roll you say? Oh my dear reader a sausage roll is “a pleasantly spiced mixture of sausage, preferably home-made, that is then carefully wrapped in an all-butter puff pastry…and baked until delicious.” With a description like this who wouldn’t want to dedicate an entire day to it.

Some say that stairs for breakfast are equally as delicious as sausage rolls …..I would have to agree with these people. Many shout in turmoil that the workout today was one of the most brutal ones that we do here at November Project….I would also have to agree. But most importantly dozens of us exclaimed that Rob’s line for yearbook photos today was wayyyyy better than Nadim’s – DOZENS I SAY!

Jokes aside today was a pretty great one all around. We took yearbook photos and we crushed repeats of stairs (going all the way from the bottom to the top over and over again). It might seem a little silly that we take yearbook photos but really for many its been years since you’ve taken one through school, why not do it here. At its core we do this to try and capture everyone who attends, to show that you were there, for others to see your face, and for us to feel connected to one another. It is also a great way to learn a name or two of people in your community (sidebar: if you are comfortable with it tag yourself in your photo once its up on Facebook – we all have trouble remembering names at times and this is a great way to confirm one without asking for the 10th time haha). Thank you for showing up today, for putting in the work, and for showing the world that you #justshowup.

This auspicious day also shares a little event called #GlobalRunningDay. It is another reason why today was so cool. This day crosses cities, boarders, and countries in solidarity around the thing that brings us together. We run for each other, we run for ourselves, we all can run. It doesn’t matter how fast you are. You my dear reader are a runner. Maybe you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying that out in the open but I promise, you are.

Keep being awesome,



Friday, June 7 – Walterdale Hill

Save the Dates for June – August

  • Wednesday, June 26 – Old 96er – first chance of the season
  • Monday, July 1 – Canada’s Birthday – You can count on a fun, awesome workout!!
  • Monday, July 15 – Friday, July 19 – NP Canada Birthday Week Celebrations!
  • Wednesday, August 28 – Old 96er – last chance of the season
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