Happy Running, BMORE

Happy Running Day to our favorite group of hardworking, always smiling people! Like every good random holiday, this one brings us an extra reason to celebrate our #why -why we started running, why we continue to run, why we show up at very odd hours to community events in the name of running, why we race, why we sweat, why we cry when we hear the workout bu do it anyway, why why why why. And of course, an unofficially official reason to post our coolest running photos on social media. We are more than glad you all choose to spend early mornings with us on the regular, and while today is a day to celebrate what running, fitness, and community means to you, we hope that we honor your “why” every week. 

As we mentioned at 6:30 this morning, we have a bunch of happenings in the month of June. Details below. Short version below below.

There is a Knockaround contest happening during the whole month of June. Long(er) version details can be found here: https://november-project.com/np-homework-runaround/

In short, post a photo to wearing Knockaround sunglasses (bonus points for #Grassrootsgear) to Instagram – make it fun and silly, and make sure to tag @knockaround@novemberproject and use hashtag #NPKnocks. Also, be sure your IG is public – your submission won’t be seen otherwise. 

But I don’t have Knockarounds! Well, we recommend snagging a pair if you can! They are fun and relatively inexpensive. #notanad Or you can grab a friends and give them a test run.

Submissions can be made NOW through June 21. Knockaround will be picking 6 photos to highlight on their website for the peoples to vote on. Most voted photo (and their human) wins a trip to NP Summit in Las Vegas (flight and hotel) + a different pair of Knockaround sunglasses for every NP workout week for a full year (52 pairs of sunglasses)! I mean, who doesn’t need that many sunnies?

Next week, we will be hosting SUMMER SCHOOL! No, not the dreaded more-homework kind. The fun kind, where you show up run the halls without a hall pass and call your teacher by their first name! Yes, I KNOW! THAT kind. In other words, we will be hosting a workout every (week) day next week. That’s right. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Bonus points for Saturday’s 100-10 workout. Monday will be held in the morning, and Tuesday and Thursday will be in the evening (GASP). Locations will be released later this week. Wednesday and Friday will be in their usual locations at their usual times.

Last year involved name tags and pencils and erasers and a field day. This year is bound to be even better, so strap on your summer sandals and #justshowup

YEARBOOK PHOTOS. Yes, your yearly profile picture update is just around the corner. It’s happening NEXT WEDNESDAY at both 5:30 and 6:30 at Rash Field. The theme is silly. The theme is funny. The theme is simple, yet elaborate. The theme is….revealed on Friday. First dibs to this highly anticipated information is after the workout on Friday. So if you were contemplating sleeping in, don’t. You won’t want to miss this.

Speaking of Friday, we will be packing up and moving to our ~summer house.~ For the months of June, July, and August, we will be hosting all regularly scheduled Friday workouts at the Central Pavilion in Patterson park – near the duck pond and up the hill from the pool. Same time – 6:30, just a fresh location for summertime fun. 

Whew, that was a lot. If screaming to all 100+ folks at 5:30 wasn’t enough to lose my voice, this blog certainly did me in.

TLDR & Other Things:

  • We like running & you guys a lot!!!
  • Knockaround contest: instagram contest in sunglasses with a prize of a free trip to summit and 52 pairs of sunglasses.
  • Summer School next week: Every. Day. 
  • Yearbook photos: Wednesday. Theme, coming soon. 
  • Summer Fridays: held at the summer house (central pavilion in Patterson Park)
  • BEEP BEEP! There is an epic run squad, aka THE BUS of humans that runs from the Upper Fells region to Rash Field EVERY Wednesday for the 5:30 workout. They have a solid crew of humans running with them to the workout and back again. We set a goal this morning for 15 during the summer. Want to hop on the bus? What about next week for SUMMER SCHOOL? Reach out to one of us or Chantelle Allen and Gail Betz, who are unofficially the bus drivers! (Have I taken this metaphor too far? Undoubtedly probably.) #runeverywhere
  • We had a fun NP_OMies Yoga event last week. We will be announcing a new location and time for our next event soon – keep your eyes peeled and your hips loose!
  • HAPPY WEDNESDAY! See you all Friday @ Patterson Park SUMMER HOUSE.


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