Yearbook Photos 2019 (YEG)

How do you get through a hard situation? Do you push through, step back and assess, get angry, talk it out? There is really no right answer to this and it’s super dependent on what the situation is. Overall though I think it is important to know yourself and how you react. If there is a trait about yourself that you want to work on actually take that first step. Acknowledgment is key but action will cause the change.

You woke up this morning and saw the forecast but chose to still show up. You tried to upload 255 photos to facebook but the damn program couldn’t accept more than 10 photos at a time…..but you pushed through. Your body said to slow down or stop on the stairs but you said “one more set.” You did amazing today and handled these and I am sure other hard situations in stride.

That said don’t forget to take the time to enjoy yourself too. Yes pushing yourself is great but maybe take the time to curl up and read a book during these rainy days – have a bath, get a massage etc etc.

This blog is very sporadic but they are all important things so I am not going back to change it haha. Walk away from this blog knowing that balance isn’t something you find once – its something you constantly have to find. Find your balance.

Next week Wednesday is the Old 96er challenge / the Gristle, and our regular 6am workout. There is something for everyone. #justshowup

Oh and by the time I have posted this blog all of the yearbook photos have been posted. Go find yourself, tag yourself if you are willing, and like people’s photos.

Keep being awesome,


#justshowup 6 AM

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Save the Dates for June – August

  • Wednesday, June 26 – 5:30 START Time for Old 96er – first chance of the season
  • Monday, July 1 – Canada’s Birthday – You can count on a fun, awesome workout!!
  • Monday, July 15 – Friday, July 19 – NP Canada Birthday Week Celebrations!
  • Wednesday, August 28 – Old 96er – last chance of the season
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