Wreck Yourself & Check Yourself (Boston 1.9.19)

There’s something amazing about showing up for a workout and getting your ass kicked.

It’s precisely why we all keep coming back to Harvard Stadium–it humbles us every single week, reminding us that no matter how strong or fast we get, it never gets easy.

That is the principle of “wrecking yourself.” Go do something really hard. Get wrecked with effort, sweat, the freaking dark and rain that fell until 7:05am. Get wrecked with tall stairs and giant puddles at the bottom of almost every section. Get wrecked with a workout you didn’t dream up, you definitely didn’t know was going to be as hard as it was, and that you might not have been prepared for, but damn…was it good. It was worth it.

And then comes the “checking yourself.” This is where you reflect on what just happened as you melt into a puddle of rubbery-jello legs and heaving breath after the workout. You realize that you did it and it was that exact kind of awful that you think was also amazing and while you hate what just happened, you definitely want to do it again. Hydrate, get some food and some rest. And definitely come back and do it again.

The workout this morning? It wrecked us. And we’re so glad it did.

We did the “hockey workout,” which was created and named in honor of Ben O’Meara–a tried and true lover of Bruins (and Providence Friars) hockey…and of November Project. The dude was passionate as hell about the things he loved, and he shared it with all of us on full blast, until he passed away in 2017, just after crossing the finish line of a running race. He lived life to the FULLEST.

And in his honor, we run the #BenOMeara workout, which is designed after a hockey game, with 3 periods. We climb the stairs as far as we can go during our 13 minute period, then when time is called everyone hustles underneath the stadium and runs back to the start at section 37. During period 2, you try to get as far or farther than you did during period 1. And 13 min later, we call time again, everyone heads back to the start, and we begin the third and final period.

It’s so hard. And so much fun to be all bunched up with everyone for the first few sections–and have multiple opportunities to try to pass people or stay ahead of that person who always passes you. It’s like a fresh start every 13 minutes, but in a new way because your legs are wrecked each time you restart. You truly wreck yourself, check yourself, and repeat.

I think there’s something to that idea of living full-speed. Not holding back so much, taking more risks, and seeing what happens. You know, within a reasonable #safetythird way, and not completely & utterly wrecking yourself. But not being afraid of the opportunities sitting right in front of you–because as Ben reminds us–life is short and it’s worth living fully.

Thanks to everyone this morning who got wrecked with us. And if you didn’t manage to get to the stairs this morning–in the dark until 7:11am and in the rain for the entire 5:30am group and half of the 6:30am group–go do something today that wrecks you in the very best way. Then check yourself. We’ll see you soon. #JustShowUp

5:30 crew…including some of the Assumption College football team

FRIDAY: 1/11 at 6:29am

It’s the second Friday of the month and so we will be racing #PRhills this week. Be ready to beast out your fastest 3 full hills or race as close to 3 full hills as you can during the workout. Do that faster/farther than you ever have before? You get a PR! (personal record). We’ll have fun, it’ll be cold and dark (guaranteed!), it might get weird, and you don’t want to miss it.

MONDAY 1/14 at 6:29 am

We have a #destinationdeck workout every week on Mondays. This coming week it’ll be held at the Madison Park High track. Map location here. Run yourself there, get a great workout with us, and run yourself back home.


Monday, January 21. Both 5:30am and 6:30am. We will be meeting at the Harvard track for our next #sunrise6k race. Some highlights:

  • it’s a foot race. Come ready to race on your feet as fast as they will take you.
  • distance is 6k. 6000meters. 3.73miles.
  • there will be a special (new) Sunrise 6k tag…bring your non-sweaty shirts to get new spray paint and bragging rights.
  • prizes.
  • 5:30 AND 6:30 am races for those of you who can only ever come at 5:30am.
  • #JustShowUp and bring everyone you know who has ever run a foot race and then also bring everyone who has never run a foot race. It’ll be amazing.
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