For those who missed announcements this morning, I hope you enjoyed your LAST Wednesday of sleeping in for a longgggggg time…that is, unless you want to miss out on…STICKERS and so much more!

Specifically, jazzy fun stickers that you get to put next to your name every time you #justshowup for #np_wla! That’s right, you guessed it, we’re throwing down our very first ATTENDANCE CHALLENGE! Since we spend so much time on UCLA’s campus we figured you’re all basically college students and should be getting credit for all the hard work you’re putting in. Also, November Project Minneapolis just threw down this challenge in the dead of winter, and even though #LAwinters are real ok?! I have a sneaking suspicion we can get our posterboard to be even more colorful and sticker-filled and amazing and beautiful and everything that represents our tribe.

Why are we doing this? Jazzy stickers aside, we are doing this because consistency and accountability are two of the core pillars that keeps November Project strong. Consistency comes in the form of being #weatherproof and never canceling for holidays (we fucking love our holidays in case you’re new here). But the real magic happens when everyone commits to consistency, like the time 140 people stormed up and down Drake’s stairs for our first workout as an official NP tribe; or when we had 175 wild animals on July 4th; or how we celebrated our one year anniversary of #freefitness and old friends came back to hug, sprint, burpee, and even take a hand at leading. But please don’t get us wrong – numbers bring that tangible energy, but the truth is that we just really really like each and every one of you, and we just want to start our day with you. So keep up that recruiting because that’s awesome, but most importantly, use this challenge to hold yourself accountable to be at the stadium every Wednesday morning. If you’re reading this, know that our tribe is not the same when you are not there.

We know life happens and it’s easy to skip a workout here or there, but we’re throwing down the gauntlet and challenging you to #JustShowUp for as many workouts as possible for the next 10 weeks. You may find out that it’s easier than you think to make November Project a ritual. We are not a cult.

The last day of the Attendance Challenge will be March 20th, which means starting next week (1/16) you have 10 weeks to earn 10 stickers.

And guess what else?! There’s opportunity for extra credit! As part of the Attendance Challenge, we are challenging you to go to our Facebook social page Westside Warehouse, scroll through the members, and find someone you haven’t seen in a while. Shoot them a text, Facebook message, carrier pigeon, whatever- letting them know that you miss them and you want to see their beautiful face at Drake Stadium on an upcoming Wednesday. If you convince someone to come back and they make it to at least 3 of our workouts during the challenge, YOU get a bonus sticker!

Start planning your perfect attendance speech now, because there WILL be prizes for the winners. #hype


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