Making Waves in the Ocean State (PVD, 1-9-2019)

Like our twin in Oakland, today is our pledgeversary in Providence (Happy birthday Oakland!)

On January 10, 2018, two Wednesday workouts took place. A 5:27, we had a total of 3 people. All of them are still with us (we love you Katie, Brett, and Adam). At 6:27am, we had 8, of which five still greet us with hugs and smiles every Wednesday (we love you Darran, Meghan, John, Kim, and Lauren).

What I think is the most important, though, isn’t the numbers. Sure, it’s amazing to have 150 people running up and down the stairs at the State House, doing burpees at Waterplace Park, or playing Chutes and Ladders on a bridge over a highway. But it’s the quality of the humans who choose to just show up each and every week, who never know what to expect, who welcome with open arms the challenges brought on by the workout, by the weather, by the dawn’s early light.

We’re lucky because the Providence tribe is made up of the best people Holly and I have ever had the chance to meet. People who go out every single day and change the world for the better.

We stand back sometimes and watch the interactions between the tribe – the genuine enthusiasm to see one another, the friendships and bonds that have formed between people, and one or two relationships, too. And we’re inspired by you.

So, Providence, keep it up. Keep showing up. Keep bringing your friends and neighbors and co-workers. Because we’re here so that you can encourage one another. And, frankly, you’re killing it.


January, February, and March:
We want you to JUST SHOW UP. So,we’re having an attendance and recruitment contest.

When you SHOW UP, you get a sticker. When you bring someone new, you get a sticker. At the end of March, we count your stickers. And give you stuff. So, get your butt here every week. Set your alarms. Wake up. Be weatherproof. Bring your friends. We make each other better, and we need you to make us our best.

Thursday 1/10 – 8pm:
Thursday Night Yoga is Back! Our friends at Lululemon Garden City are hosting FREE yoga every Thursday night from now until the end of February. Bring a mat, bring some water, come get zen. Especially 1/17, when our own Kim Daniels will be leading flow.

5:27am squad
6:27am squad
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