Wow! #NPSUMMIT was intense. It was funny, weird, crazy, fast, beautiful, and wild all neatly wrapped up in neon box with a #grassrootsgear bow. There were people from 29 different cities that converged to play, hug,race, and party together. Seeing all this in person kept bringing to mind #worldtakeover and what it now means. In just a few short years we’ve gone from North America to Europe, & next maybe Asia. #worldtakeover is happening right this second before our very eyes, but in the process what we are doing is more than taking over the world, we’re slowly changing the world. One community at a time as we spread our sweaty hugs, high-fives, & neon tagged shirts we’re creating little ripples. Each Wednesday morning as thousands of us run stairs and hills while doing unusual exercises screaming FUCK YEAH! at the top of our lungs, those ripples have turned into waves. After we leave our workouts high on positivity and love we take that back to our communities. After #NPSummit I now know these waves of change are crashing ashore the world harder than ever. There is now a #worldchangeover & if you open your eyes and know where to look it’s breathtaking. Tribe members from around the world are doing things that would have never been considered had this movement just stayed in the bubble of Boston. So next time your alarm goes off on a Wednesday morning and you are contemplating whether to get up or hit snooze, remember the other thousand plus tribe members who decided to #justshowup and change the world one hug, one workout, one #fuckyeah at a time.



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