Ready, set, GO!

The coming weeks are going to be full of events so just some quick reminders.

This Saturday 10/21 we will be working the aid/cheer station at Marsh’s Sunfresh at Southwest Trafficway and Mill St. The aid station is located at mile 11 (Half) and between miles 23 & 24 (Full). We will be with the folks from KC Pet Project & Team RWB. Feel free to bring signs, noisemakers, & anything else you feel these runners would enjoy seeing on the course. For more information click on the link below. read more

Buffs, NP Givesback, & KC MARATHON

Buffs, buffs, and more buffs! This year’s buffs are being designed as we speak. Want one? Orders and money are due to Nicole by the end of the workout on 10/11. Price? $5, which you can pay in cash, money order, check (I don’t advise, right Bert :), Venmo, & beer.  What’s a buff? Click on this link. read more


As many of you know September has been deemed #NPGIVESBACK so we thought it best to give you updates on all the happenings. Below are dates, addresses and details, hopefully you can all make it to one or both events. Please feel free to bring friends and family regardless if they’ve been to a workout, the more the merrier. Let’s show these wonderful organizations some #NPKC love! read more


This week’s blog post is courtesy local #NPKC legend Josh Grubbs. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and this morning was his last workout with us. He’s headed down to Ft. Polk and will be missed greatly. Josh, we’re so glad you were here. Much love from your tribe.

Since age 18, I’ve been in some form of unit. The Hurricanes, Guppies, Crazyhorse, Geronimo, & Assassins. Even pushing paper, there were folks responsible for me and vice versa.
In 2013 I got the chance to get away and go to grad school in DC. It was good, but having a strong team to keep me in line makes me function closer to my potential. I showed up to NP that November thanks to Team RWB, & haven’t stopped since.
When I moved to KC in 2015 it was a bummer to leave the tribe and all the great people. Fort Leavenworth is a post for old folks and not many were interested in some 0630 hills.
Fortunately, John was already pondering his own tribe and I made sure I showed up. The Liberty Memorial is amazing and this hardworking crew has grown to be my own as well. Their friendship and motivation led me to see all corners of the city and make KC another hometown as well. Thanks to Megan & Stacia for being my 0530 pledge group and allowing us to grow the tribe. It also kept me active this year and I can’t thank you enough for that! The tribe was there to help promote me to Major in the Army, thanks again David! It was truly an honor to share that recognition of increased responsibility with all of you. This group and its volunteer leaders’ commitment, inclusiveness, and ingenuity will make me a better leader in our Army.
Finally, attending my first Summit last weekend and doing it through a challenging team effort with John and Nicole was the best way to close this chapter. Make plans to attend next year, it is worth it.
Until next time KC and NP, keep working hard, giving great hugs, and recruiting everyone! This shit is good.
– Josh from the KC Tribe read more

5 Reasons why I love November Project Kansas City – and you will too, if you #JustShowUp!

Wednesday is the best day of the week. And that is a scientific fact. Sure, many people SAY they prefer Fridays or Saturdays, but they just don’t know the facts. Not me – I have been enlightened and know that Wednesday is the best day. Period. What makes Wednesdays so special? Two words: November Project. Well, four words to be more specific: November Project Kansas City. read more

I used to hate running. I still hate running, but I used to, too

“I used to hate running. I still hate running, but I used to, too”

-Adapted from Mitch Hedberg

My Dad loves to tell one of those annoying Dad stories that you’ve heard way too many times that when I played soccer in grade school my favorite position was goalie because it required the least amount of running. As annoying as this story is to hear over and over, sadly it’s true. This disdain for running followed me throughout my “athletic career”. Running was only bearable to me because it lead to the exhilarating feeling of hitting a perfect forehand down the line, sliding into second base after a hard hit liner in the gap, hitting a wide open 3 on the fast break, or even throwing down the lob for an alley-oop #alternatefact. After my stint on the sophomore basketball team in high school my competitive athletic career wound down to a close. My need for running diminished only to be revived on rare occasions for high school and college intramurals and once the sun set on my intramural career I was left without a reason to run. read more

Brew to Brew and Valentines Day Reminder


Brew to Brew Signup

For all of you that are interested we have 2 relay teams setup for Brew to Brew ( this year. The date has been set for April 2, we’ll have more details as we get closer but here’s what you need to know RIGHT NOW. Here is the link ( for signup which should be self explanatory but if you have any problems let us know. Make sure to join an existing team and you can pick either November Project Boom or November Project. No need to worry about which team or your speed, pick one and get ready to have some fun! Hopefully you can make it! read more

Workout Contest and 1st Annual #NP_KC Gift Exchange

We’re going to make this quick and painless. First, if you have a workout idea here’s your chance to submit and win. The wonderful people at KnitRite ( be giving away a pair of performance recovery socks to the top submissions. Please send your ideas, pictures, graphics, graphs, and/or dioramas to Tanya by 12/6. The winners will be announced on 12/14. Second, if you’re interested in participating in the 1st Annual Gift Exchange, YOU MUST BE AT NEXT WEEK’S WORKOUT (12/7). At that time you will enter your name and draw someone else’s name to whom you will be gifting. There are 2 rules: (1) YOU CAN SPEND NO MORE THAN $3.12 (2) IT HAS TO BE HOMEMADE BY YOU NOT PURCHASED. These rules seem easy to us but if you have any questions ask a fellow tribe member. Between the two of you we hope you can figure things out. Below is your crappy photo of the week. You’re welcome 5:30. Have a fantastic week! read more

Cheer Station & Buff Order

Fall is finally here and that means marathon season is upon us. As many of you know we have been assigned a cheer station this Saturday for the Kansas City Marathon. Our specific location will be at the corner of 47th and Broadway. We’re not sure what the parking situation is going to be like so below is a link of the race course map. Choose wisely because you could end up trapping yourself inside the course and have a tough time getting out when it’s time to leave. We would love to have as many of you out there as possible supporting all the runners, including our fellow NPKC tribe members. The race organizers would like us there by 7 am at the latest but if you could there around 6:45 am that would be ideal. Please bring any noise makers, sign, costumes, or miscellaneous items that will add to the craziness we’re going to have! Also, feel free to bring your choice of beverages, coolers, snacks, & chairs cause we’ll be hanging out there for a bit. We’re not quite sure but if there’s enough interest we may do something in the late afternoon or early evening after the race. Thinking drinks and food, but we’ll keep you posted on the social site. Should you have any questions feel free to send us a FB message! read more

1st Birthday, KC Marathon Cheer Station

Our first in existence has been pretty outstanding! If you’ve ever come to a workout or are new you will not want to miss out on our first ever B-Day celebration this Wednesday at 5:30 am & 6:30 am. There will be cake, hats, #freefitness, and any other assortment of items that you tribe members decide to bring. Feel free to bring anything that you would like to share. For those who are free afterwards join us for an 8:00 am breakfast (the location will be announced at the workout).birthday1 read more