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Wake up the Dome
Wake up the Dome

Got back into our normal grove today after taking a hiatus to Audubon Park last week. The tribe did a good job weaving in and out of the Lutheran Youth Conference crowds, while high fiving and getting some great “good mornings” from the conference attendees (random strangers).

Glenn’s guest-led workout was tough and rough on the body, as expected, but we came, we worked, we sweat, we smiled, and we laughed… like always. Don’t forget, if you have ideas that you want to share about the workouts, come find Lou, Kate or Will and we’d be happy to discuss your suggestions.

The goal for today was to express to a ‘newbie’ one of the reasons why you come back to NP every week (or for some twice a week), and I think we were successful. I was a little shocked that I didn’t hear any reasons like “For Lou’s bounces and awesome playlists” or “Because Will takes the best pictures of me” or “Because I love hearing Kate explain a workout.” The vast majority of reasons cited, were for the unique people that our tribe members get to interact with week in and week out, which is AWESOME!!!!

Don’t forget:

NOTC Summer Series tonight at 7pm in city park behind Christian Brothers. Visit for details

Fridays 6am – NP workout at Shelter One on the Lakefront across from Landry’s Seafood

Find the “November Project NOLA social experiment” group on Facebook to stay in the know on other events that your fellow tribe members are getting into.


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