Workout Recaps, Harsh Weather & Announcements (PHL)

Last week’s workouts were…well…let’s see…fun., exhilarating, ridiculous, and sweat inducing to name a few adjectives.  Wednesday we broke out the tennis balls for a classic DC McEnroe workout…filled with more armless hugs, sprints and burpees than you could dream of.  We watched the sun rise over Philly with 150 of our closest strangers.  Friday offered a darker yet equally enjoyable sweat session.  We formed pace groups and ran Indiana Jones Runs on the backside of Lemon Hill for the better part of 30 minutes.  As if this wasn’t enough fun, we completed our pre-weekend workout with 5 minutes of burpees.

While obvious, it should be noted that this is the time of the year when it is darker and colder in the early mornings.  Darker, colder strictly translated in English means warmer, more welcoming beds.  While you may have the urge to nestle under that comforter for one more snooze button — we assure you, hell, we guarantee you, that showing up to November Project will always offer more comfort than any snooze button.  At November Project’s core — the cold, the dark, the unforgiving winter mornings are a major part of the foundation of our early morning gatherings.  We’ll continue to be there…we hope you are too!


WED 10/28: TAGGING.  If you would like some signature #GrassrootsGear, please arrive at the Art Museum at 6 AM sharp!  Please limit your shirt count to (1) white or bright colored shirt as demand is high for such high fashion.

SUN 11/8: BETTER THAN BEDTIME.  Better Than Bedtime is a workout/social and great time to have fun and get to know the Tribe (and other’s) outside the confines of our early morning workouts.  We will release more details soon, for now check out this post: 

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