THANK YOU NOVEMBER PROJECT by The Proud New Mom (Emilie Mandaric)

This woman needs no intro. So I’ll just step out of the way and let her speak… I mean type… here’s Emilie Mandaric, the new turbo-mom of the Serbian/American-Co-Founder-baby girl named Marli.

To the tribe, near and far. Here and there. American and Canadian. North and south. You did it again.

I want to say thank you from the deepest parts of my heart and soul. Thank you for all of your loving well wishes, messages, cards, gifts and meals that you have shared with us.

While Bojan and I have amazing families they don’t live close so it’s hard for them to help with meals, baby duties and keeping us sane during these first few weeks. So many of you have shared your advice, brought us warm meals, offered to come hold Marli while we sleep (what is sleep, I don’t remember), sent beautiful cards and thoughtful gifts. We are humbled by all of those that have reached out to us.

November project isn’t just my husbands “job”- it’s not just a kick ass work out, a place to see colorful spandex and to get sweaty hugs. It really has become a place where we have met some of our dearest friends and have found a family away from family. It’s amazing how a group of humans from all over North America can support one another during all avenues of life- running races, finishing that extra hill or section of stairs, getting engaged, or having babies. This shit is good.

“Yeah there will be babies” -BG

Boj's Baby Ma

Bojan & Mar

Baby w PA

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