Wiggling in the November Rain

This morning was perfect. It offered the perfect conditions to test our badassery, challenge our grit and determination, and prove our #weatherproofness. Mornings like today are exactly why November Project exists. Because who wants to get out of bed on a borderline-freezing morning and run in the pouring rain to jump around in the soggy grass? The real answer is no one. No one really WANTS to do this (do they?!?), but when we do, we know we’ve overcome something. We build confidence that we truly can do anything and nothing will stop us from moving, staying fit, and seeing our similarly-weird and badass friends who also show up.


My good friends Evan and Deniz wanted to summarize and highlight the awesome morning  that was had on the Esplanade.

Here’s Deniz’s recap in his own words–because they’re awesome words.

“This morning required extra motivation and #weatherproofness to get out of the bed. Even those who made it out of the bed, laced up their shoes, and started running were questioning, “What the fuck am I doing?  I just stepped in a puddle. Shit, I am all wet and cold…”  Once we reached the destination, things started to warm up. First, it was the warm hugs and smiles, then a little jog over the bridges, and then things got real. We did 7 minutes of burpees, with minute long wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle sessions in between. Then we wiggled our way to the #OriginalDestinationDeck, boomed Carolyn McCrone for her birthday, posed for the group picture, and ran to the closest warm shower available. The tribe was weatherproof, wiggly, and strong today.”

Evan highlighted the method behind the madness of today’s wiggly, wet, and wild, wonderland of deconstructed Sebastians.

Evan says, “Achieving your goals takes more than just wanting to accomplish them. Usually, you have to break it up into several parts, learn those, and then put them together. Today we did just that.

We all want to set a new record for 7 minutes of burpees.  In order to help us actually do it (instead of just wanting to), we broke it into 7 chunks of 1 minute each, separated by 1 minute of sideways wiggling.  Why wiggling?  Well, wiggling seems like an obvious choice.  Stop asking silly questions.  And if you feel that doesn’t answer the question, then just keep showing up and see if you can figure it out. But for real, by focusing on one minute at a time we can practice a speed and power uninhibited by 7 consecutive minutes.  Physically and psychologically, we tend to get intimidated by full 7 minute Sebastians.  But we can find new limits when we take One. Minute. At. A. Time.  Eventually, we will each be able to put these minutes together and reach new PRs. Celebratory wiggles at that point are optional and strongly encouraged.”

Remember to record your score from today and verbal for Wednesday!


The moral of the story is this:

When it rains, #JustShowUp.

When 7 minutes feels like too  much, #Crush1MinuteAtATime.

When you’re wet & tired and it’s cold out, #Wiggle.


p.s. The unrelated musical interpretation of the blog: “Wiggling in the November Rain.”

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