That extra something.

How do you define November Project? How do you quantify this movement? Why do YOU keep just showing up? Is it the workout? That’s probably part of it, sure. But there’s more to it than that. There’s something else that drives thousands of people to get out their beds at 5, 530, and 6 am, to just show up and workout. There’s something else that pushes people to step out of their normal routine, step out of their comfort zone, and to keep coming back. And it’s that something else that inspires people to tell more people, to tell more people, who  in turn, tell even more people and without realizing it, a community is born. And then suddenly the product of that “something else”, that little extra, becomes the definition of the driving force behind it. A year ago, something extra was missing in San Diego. Today, for 150+ of us, and hopefully many more to come, the community of November Project is strong. Sure, the workouts are hard, we don’t go easy on you there. But it’s the tribe of people, the friendships, the love that keep us all coming back. Life is crazy, and there is a lot we can’t control. What we can have a say in, is who we spend our time with, and how we use what time we have here. So even if you’re time in San Diego is short-lived, if you’re moving, traveling, injured or have a job interview Monday morning, the tribe will always be here, because that’s what family does. We sweat together, stick together, and will always miss you when you’re not here. And if you do have to leave, we will all wear your favorite color, we will all repeatedly bear hug you during the workout, and Ashleigh will personalize a rap song just for you.  Because again, that’s what family does.

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!



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