Who’s the impact? (YEG)

“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”

Dr. Seuss

“You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.”

Mahatma Gandhi

At this time of the year these quote frequently float in and out of an educator’s inbox. The beginning of a new school year brings back many fond memories of school for me, most likely because I loved school! My love for school was directly influenced by the many incredible teachers I had throughout my schooling. What’s pretty cool for me is that I now work for the same school district that I was a student in and I have had the opportunity to work alongside many of my former teachers. This has given me opportunities to thank those who had the greatest impact on me. What’s been surprising to me is that often times they are taken back because, in their minds, they were doing their job and had not even realized the incredibly positive impact they were having on me. And, it has come full circle for me because after 18 years teaching I am starting to run into my former students, now adults, and hear of their most meaningful, impactful junior high moments, moments that at the time I often didn’t think much of.

Having had the opportunity to thank my former teachers the impact they’ve had on my life and having been on the receiving end of those same type of thank yous reminds me both of how great it feels to recognize people who have positively influenced us as well as how great it is to be told that you’ve been a positive influence – sometimes you may not have even know that your simple, kind gesture was exactly what someone needed that day.

It got me thinking…when was the last time, if ever, that you have been able to recognize someone who had an influence on you because of November Project?

Who invited you to November Project? Have you thanked them lately?

Is there someone who inspires you every morning? Have you let them know that?

Is there someone who holds you accountable to #justshowup? Have you thanked them for that?

I think this is a great time for us all to reflect upon those people we are grateful for and then reach out and let them know it. 

#justshowup 6AM

Monday – We’ll be somewhere on the new Walterdale path system – exact location to be announced later this weekend

Wednesday – Commonwealth Stairs  – Gate 2

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE!

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