Play Day Labor Day – Boston 9.3.18

When’s the last time you got a kick ass workout on a beach?  shoooooot, when’s the last time you got yourself TO THE BEACH?!?  We don’t play enough in life, we already know this–we’re super busy doing work, school, taking care of families, rushing from one place to the next.  But NP is a constant reminder that while we still want to workout, stay fit, and enjoy healthy movement in our lives, we can still have fun while we do it.

Today’s #DestinationDeck was on the beach at Pleasure Bay, looking across the water at Castle Island.  It’s probably the most beautiful spot in the city to see the sunrise.  And even though Labor Day was created over a hundred years ago to protect laborers from unreasonable length of work days and having zero days off each week, we made a little play on Labor Day in honor of soon-to-be-laboring Laura Green of former NP_SF leadership and still NP “corporate” who is due with her first baby in just a couple of weeks. 

Joev wore his SF hat in honor of “laboring” Laura

The theme was babies and we basically made everyone cry like babies, either because they were so happy to be working out on the beach, or because the workout was so damn hard awesome, or probably because we told them to cry like babies while they did wheelbarrow hand walks through the sand.  It felt right.

Let’s just conclude the workout summary with a description of the burnout: two teammates swing a third by their hands and feet, singing “rock-a-bye baby” while a 4th teammate bear baby crawls to a point and runs back.  All 4 teammates get swung and sung to before they crawl and everyone races back to the starting line.  Think it was weird?  You shoulda been there. 

It was Labor Day at it’s best with a perfect sunrise, great weather, sweaty workout, and a super fucking awesome crew of fellow NP community folks. 


This week: Friday, Sept 7 at 7:30 PM we’re having a NP Recruiting Paper Social.  We are hosting a social gathering for all NP members to show up at The North Face Store on Newbury St, to cut out recruiting papers for our Sept challenge #NPplus1.  Don’t know what recruiting papers are??? Just show up and we’ll teach you everything you need to know.  Bring a pair of scissors (for cutting out recruiting papers), some friendly conversation, and be prepared to head out for some social times at local establishments after the party at the store.

All month of September: We are challenging the entire tribe– #NPplus1.  you have all month to find a single new person to bring to NP on Sept 26th, the last Wed of the month.  It’ll be a huge party that day and we want to keep informing EVERYONE in Boston and beyond that NP has free fitness, all year, all weather, for everyone, no matter what.  spread the word and step up to the challenge.  All details in THIS BLOG.

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