Who’s got the fever? (VB)

Powerball Fever has us hot and heavy down here in VB…or maybe it is the 30 buprees and sprint up the stairs you just did in three layers of clothing that has you hot and heavy…yeah that might be it…either way though  the emotion is the same and we are stoked for everything 2016 has to bring including the chance of winning ONE BIIIILLION DOLARS (said in a Dr. Evil voice) so play your workout combo tonight and let the power of NP guide you to your winnings…or at least a nice set of abs come August (just as good right?!?!)

Items to keep on your radar:

  • Lululemon Love The Run 2.14 Miler – Thursday, February 11th
  • North Face Endurance Challenge DC – Saturday, April 9th
  • #Sunrise6K – June 2016
  • November Project Summit – TBD
  • Recruiting Papers – 24/7

Keep grindin and keep lookin good VB!


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