Audible 2.0 (IND)

How cold is it?! NOT COLD ENOUGH! We are #WEATHERPROOF! We are not however 1.) An ice hockey team 2.) Figure skaters or 3.) Curling masters and so our fearless leader #SuchWerbe aka #safety of #safetydanger (aww, miss you Danger!) called an audible.



An audible, for those of you who are not American football fans, is when the quarterback changes the play at the line of scrimmage. So instead of breaking our legs or noggins open (good thing you signed a waiver!) going #UpandOver the War Memorial we relocated to a not-so-enclosed twelve story parking garage.

Tribe members ran up the stairs then down the ramps; stopping at odd number floors for burpees (yay!), wall sits (this is rest, right?!) and tri-cep dips (welcome to the gun show!). Thank you to the 5:28am group for being the guinea pigs. Major props go out to ALL of the tribe members who scoffed at the weather terrorists and just showed up this morning. You’re feeling more badass than the potato sack bed-warmers, that’s for sure!



  1. Bop To The Top is THIS SATURDAY! And SHAW returns!! Start times will be released Friday. Captains check your email and coordinate your team. Triple steppers start at 8:30am. We need a volunteer photog. Please and thank you! We will gather for a group pic afterward. Followed by breakfast club. Then awards. And finally a social at Flat 12 Brewery!
  2. NEXT WEEK IS OUR 2ND YEAR BIRTHDAY WORKOUT! Just say no to FOMO and #JustShowUP. #NoExcuses.

Have a GREAT day! XOXO


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