Who you callin’ easy? (LAX)

The Hollywood Bowl is a blessing. It’s so clearly one of the best locations that any November Project tribe uses (come at me bro!) and we do a pretty stellar job of weaving and stomping and high five-ing our way through it. Today’s workout is certainly one of the hardest (designed by our resident cheer captain, Tara) and also, one of the most fun. If you can get over the shaking in your legs, the weakness in your ankles and the tightness in your chest, you can make a real fun game of getting all the way up those staircases! Right?! Right? Guys?


But my favorite part of this not so Easy – A is the love. So many high fives, so much encouragement. The workouts are much more fun when we’re all funning the same course and get all mixed up. In my opinion, it’s even more fun when everyone get’s all mixed up and lost along the course, ultimately, we come here for the hugs right?


Pride is this weekend and I think it’s a great holiday to usurp for all of our purposes, not just our queer brothers and sisters. We all have reasons to be proud of who we are and the gay community have done an amazing thing in giving us an example of how to be proud of who we are. All of you have reasons to be proud of who you are; at the most elementary level, you all get your asses up and make it to the Hollywood Bowl at an ungodly hour to do something that most people only sit around and say “I wish” about. There’s a difference in thinking and taking action and every step you climb, every drop of sweat and every hug are all actions that you take to make the world better not just for yourself but for those around you.DSC00250

Today is another day, another week and another chance to do great, so stop thinking about it, be proud and go do it.


Do great LA.


FRIDAY – 6:27 am @ LACMA

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  • Thanks for all of your white shirts, be sure to #justshowup to the Friday workout to pick them up in all of their rainbow glory.
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