A Beautiful Mess (IND)

See us on the stairs, it’s goin’ down!!  An #NP_IND favorite was rehashed (re#) today as we took it to the south side stairs for a variation of the Hot Mess workout.  Partners took turns doing three lap sets (1 lap = up the south stairs, touch the gold door and back down) as the other partner changed exercises each lap.

Lap 1 = Burpees

Laps 2 = Leg Raises Figure 8’s

Lap 3 = Supermans (Supermen?  Super-people!!)

After the three laps the two exchanged roles and on and on we went.  Sounds fun, right?  Fuck yea it was…especially when we added the FIRE DRILL SPICE!!  Every few minutes the whistle would blow and everybody just hit the deck wherever they were and held a 30 second plank.  Righteous.

Five Notes from Today:

  1. You know that scene in “That Thing You Do” when The Wonders hear their song on the radio for the first time and freak the fuck out? Yea, that was me when I saw November Project on Good Morning America this morning.  Brogan, Bojan, NP_NYC, NP_DC, and NP_CHI, you all CRUSHED it today.  I won’t be wiping that smile from my face any time soon.  Also, I am banned from the Woolworths in downtown Indy for life (side note:  there hasn’t been a Woolworths since like 1985 its not a huge loss).
  2. NP Camera. Fuck You. –  Sincerely, Shaw and Casey.
  3. I’m not saying there is a competition between the 5:28am group and the 6:15am group, but if there were….5:28 were the Warriors and 6:15 were the Cavs this morning. And Thomas Hale is Steph Curry dropping another 40 points in newbie bringing.  While we don’t have an MVP award…
  4. Thomas deservedly walked away with the Positivity Award. Not only is he a recruiting MACHINE, but he is always smiling and encouraging, always offering to help with tagging and pictures, all the while dominating the workouts each week.  Thanks so much for all you do Thomas and for being on track to being single-handedly responsible for my tattoo.
  5. Jaden – you are this month’s race day winner. And as your travels took you to place far, far away from here and you couldn’t receive your award, we will cloak you with the cape upon your return next week.  Mainly because we will be attaching to the camera.


(Chef Curry with the pot boy!)

Great work this week tribe.  The energy, the effort, the everything…On. Point.

Keep doing that thing you do,




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