Go Bananas!

Here are a few highlights from the day:

  • We asked the tribe to bring dogs. They obliged. 7, I believe.
  • Today was leg day – and this tribe CRUSHED the workout, despite many running a half or full marathon this past weekend at Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego.
  • We had visitors from Baltimore and Denver, with our Denver visitor stating, “this workout is way harder than I thought it would be.” Yeah, we’re FAF (Fit. As. Fu- you get where I’m going).
  • Our lawyer, Jeff Boman, can do a lot of pushups.
  • Despite spending $10 on printing waivers and buying a fancy clipboard, none were signed (McCloskey, I’ll have expenses in to you by COB).

Today was another reminder of how amazing this community is. When we ask people to bring dogs, they listen. When we tell people to bounce up and down and go bananas, they listen. This isn’t because our tribe is obedient. This is because the people in our tribe are down for whatever. No egos. No judgement. No overthinking. Just amazing human beings ready to have fun and not give a care in the world. We’re adult-sized children. And we’re here to play.

Oh, and we’re always ready to WORK.

Thank you for inspiring us every day, Tribe. People say the tribes are lucky to have leaders. Nay. The leaders are lucky to have their tribes.


Oh yeah, some stuff:

  • MONDAY – we’re back at Mount Soledad Park. Angelo is back. You don’t want to miss it. Abs.
  • SIGN UP FOR SUMMIT – Renew those passports, or get one. Because we’re hauling out to Ontario, Canada, North America. Details in this blog post. And members are already actively planning stuff in this Facebook group.
  • We’re getting a new Positivity Award soon. If you want to hold and be the first to carve your name into a fresh, clean wooden stick, hashtag JUSTSHOWUP. And be extra positive. And work hard. But let’s face it, shouldn’t you always?


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