Who are all these cats?

For our post today, we thought we could take a moment to explain who the f&%$ some of these super heros actually are. Meaning, most of us don’t run stairs professionally and actually DO other things with our time. Based on the fact that we don’t always have time, or the extra lung capacity, to hang out and socialize after the workout, we thought we’d point out the other cool things that we’re off to during our “work day.” As you know, Twitter is our main vein of communication, so if you’re not on there GET ON THERE. @Nov_Project may miss a few of you and hope you’re so offended that you show up next Wednesday to give us some shit. No but really if you didn’t make the post it’s not because we don’t like you – we probably just don’t know you all that well. But we hope to become your dear friends so we can tell tales of your awesomeness to other @Nov_Project dudes and gals. Sooo without further ado let’s start with…

Hubway General Manger by day, MixMaster DJ by night, Scott (@mixmastermully) showed up today and had a great time trimming roughly 4 minutes off his last tour. Look for @mixmaster to know more about old school jams and bicycle safety than anyone you know. #facts #djontwowheels

The Serbian-American couple that lives in the depths of Brighton is Emilie & Bojan Mandaric. They’ve been using this neighborhood as their stomping grounds for the last 4+ years. You may see them looping the reservoir near BC or downtown riding Hubway bikes as anual members. These two like to stay in motion. Need a beautiful rug made of all natural fibers? Talk to Bojan. Having a hard time remembering how to swallow your food? Ask Emilie for help. To say that these two are professionals with an interesting story would be an understatement.

Josh Plosker, Co-Founder/Owner of Reebok CrossFit Back Bay, joined us today for the first time. Not only did he rip through the full “tour” of 37 sections, he also kept a steady pace and looked good doing it. Ask Josh for advice on anything from nutrition to tractor tires and he’ll be a great guide. This former NU Husky Footballer has done time on the field at Harvard while stomping the Crimson back in his D1AA days and now he’s dominating the #novemberproject work in the stands. Welcome aboard Josh.

Sarah Piccioli is most likely stronger than you are. She trains @CrossFitSouthie (0 coaches showed up to #novemberproject this morning – not that we’re counting) and may be the best hugger we have in the group. As an account executive for Gartner (information technology research and advisory company) she also puts in time after work with her husband (who owns and operates bars and a bad ass goatee). Hug her, she’s good at it. #fearthegoat #flexoff #huggingmachine

Nick Littlefield is a former Northeastern Rower who’s medaled at the D1 National Championship. During his days he slangs shoes, events, and social medial for @Marathon_Sports in Cambridge, MA. If you want to talk about what kind of supportive or minimalist shoe is best for you Nick is the man knows the most and may be bored of you while smiling and acting interested. Most people in this world know him as “Malice.” #badasstattoos #organizedyourfavoriterace #brought_a_tent #Bringga’DemDeWomen’s_Hhospitahl #FrenchIndian

Goldie, of Back Bay Yoga, Sweat & Soul Yoga, LuLuLemon, Equinox, and simply GoldieYoga.com has brought a new level of intensity to the group. Ever wonder why we all of a sudden have way more good looking yoga women climbing seats? That’s the @GoldieKaufenber factor. And don’t let her matching @lululemon outfits confuse you. “#shewillhuntyoudown #explosivepower #throwsdown #staysinmotion” to say the least. Her days are filled with hip hop yoga, Charles River runs, riding two wheelers, and planning the next adventure.

Sara Wild is wild. She goes by @SKWild and works for that little shoe company called @newbalance. She’s our first recipient of #novemberproject’s “PR Pizza” award. She’ll go well under 23 minutes later this summer. #BOOM #ninja #fierce #fastestnovemberwoman. We recommend you don’t look her in the eye when you’re within 15 feet. #punchedhead #showrespect #closehandedsmack

Rube, Robin, Rob, whatever. He knows stairs after working for both Gentle Giant Moving Company and now onto bigger and better things at Olympia Movers. By day Rube drives sales and builds corporate accounts at Olympia and no longer runs piano boxes up and down stairs – though he retains those skills. After work Rube can build you a custome bicycle, tell you some jokes, date your ex-girlfriend, and remember your mom’s name, all with beer in hand. Maybe our most well-rounded skill set in the group. #EE_BicycleBuilder #MayNotJoinTwitter #november&decemberprojects #mybrotherdoesstunts #AkwardnessFinallyOver

Nicole Ledoux wears the pants in her purple housed family. When she gets up in the AM she leaves her hubby sleeping peacefully in bed and she comes the few short blocks to join us at #novemberproject. In her daytime activities, Nicole pushes her new product and business plan called @88acresfoods which she hopes to have at full speed within the next year or so. She knows food, cookouts, snowboards, dogs/bears, and how to prepare her own sparkling water. Her man, Rob Dalton, is a person we know nothing about. He doesn’t attend @Nov_Project. #facts #missedflights #EpiPenPlan #WearPants #37Sections88Acres

Tim Parker knows how this world should sound. He works for @bosecorp in Frammingham, MA by day and plays lead guitar in his Boston area band “Black Marmot” by night. He shows up early on Wednesday to do work but is better known for his #undergroundwork and #practicestadiums which he does solo… and naked. Follow
@blackmarmot and come to their show this weekend in Cambridge. #LizzardLoung

Chris Marshall of Northeastern University’s Athletic Department may not make it every week but was there today. He was the dude today wearing yellow. He was the dude who ran his 1billionth marathon THIS PAST SUNDAY! He will surly post his time under the comments because he loves to train and track progress – you all should. Great to see you this AM Chris. Keep up the good work in the Marketing Department and tell @ADRoby we say HEY.

November Project gets bigger and badder each week. Spread the word that this tribe is growing and getting faster with every session. Email this link to your people, brag about the work you did this morning while at your “day job,” and lets continue to keep building this gang.

We hope to see you at Summit Ave for hill repeats starting at 6:45AM on Friday morning and the regular 6:30AM start every Wednesday rain or shine. Post your times in the comments section and have a great day. #wobble_legs #insertMomJokeHere #earnyourweekend #snoozebutton?

EDITOR’S NOTE: None of the afore mentioned companies or organizations are paying us to be mentioned in this post. We just really like all these people and want to give you a sneak peak into their lives outside of the concrete walls of stadium.

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7 Replies to “Who are all these cats?”

  1. first time, definitely not the last time. all sections. 42 long minutes i don’t even like frozen pizza but i can’t effing wait for #prpizza because i like awards, attention, and hugs. and flexing. and JOKES. i love effing JOKES!

    thanks for the healthy peer pressure brogan.


    1. Sarah, you’re going to have to watch out for Tom Owston – he might be slightly better at flexing than you are. There isn’t a PR Pizza for flexing…yet…but that may have to happen.

      1. hey rob! nice to see you online since you don’t come to any of the november project workouts….

        and tom…let’s go, bro. flex off.


  2. November Project is an official scene..amazing, sweaty and full of great vibes! But who was the dude yelling at everyone? Brojangles or something like that? Odd dude..

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