Which Coast Boasts the Most? Read Post:

A classic battle unfolded at dusk this morning as 110 migratory yahoos touched down on the lush and fertile plains of Alamo Square. Two groups of 55 faced off — East Coast versus West Coast. The difference? A Mississippi delta. Stella watched anxiously from the sidelines…


At last, the groups settled their differences and paired up for a series of partner exercises, including the ever-awkward ‘back-to-back partner squats,’ which quickly and predictably devolved into ‘partner butt bumps.’ I believe that’s third base? I don’t know much about basketball…

THIS FRIDAY, 6:28am at the 16th Avenue steps in the Inner Sunset. 16th & Moraga. Be there.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16th, 2:00pm at FORT MASON for an Olympic sized Field day. USA! USA! USA!

Lastly, check out Ben Fox’s mad cool event thing coming up. I have no idea what it actually is, does anyone? Something about a chill fresh good looking banquet with good looking fresh chill people there. Ask him about it.

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