#SafetyNinjas Return

I want to thank everyone that trained with the Boston tribe this morning for practicing your inner #SafetyNinja! Conditions on the Summit ave were less than ideal, sidewalks were icy and slippery, roads covered in snow and more narrow than usual. But you guys managed to stay out of neighbors way (for the most part), hug the side of the road for as long as you can, and give no reason to Officer Brother to come and talk to us. When the group is 150 strong that’s not an easy task to accomplish and I want to thank everyone for making it happen.

After checking some legal books and advising with few attorneys of law, we realized that our birthday BOOM celebrations are illegal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts when practiced on persons under the age of 21, on Summit ave, 5 days after the major snow storm. Very specific rule, but it’s the rule that we have to follow and implement when applicable. This morning was one of those instances where droping a birthday BOOM on our 17 year old friend Michaela would be illegal so instead we threw a lot of snow at her. No pets or girls under 21 were hurt during this stunt.


On Monday we’re meeting at the repeat location – Magazine Beach in Cambridge. Last time we were there we jumped on the wall….a lot, while it rained…a lot. This time we’re hoping that at least one of those things will happen again!

HOMEWORK Your homework for this weekend is to send a Get Well Soon note/tweet/photo/video to our boy BG that’s been out sick this whole week, using #GetWellSoonBG. As you know he thinks and writes in #hashtags so this will really help him in his recovery.


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