Square Dance and get Lucky…charms??

Hearts, Stars and Horseshoes! Clovers and Blue Moons! Pots of Gold and Rainbows! And me Red Balloons!

While none of those shapes actually had anything to do with our Square Dancing Mayhem this morning, the fact that I know all of you just sang it while you read it, and now are craving the sugary goodness from your childhood, is awesome. ALMOST as awesome, as the leprechaun rendition of the classic jingle by our MVP Linda this morning!

Remember that 6th grade gym class when Coach Brown sauntered into the middle of the gym, hiked up his sweatpants, smoothed back his nonexistent hair and said: “For the next 4 weeks we will be dancing in gym class, grab a partner.” In slow motion, our pre-adolescent minds began to implode, a haze of awkward filled the room and you found yourself trying to remember which foot is the right one, what shape am I supposed to moving in, where the hell do I put my hands and for fuck’s sake don’t ever make eye contact! … No? Bueller?

Well enough of my middle school experiences then. Today, as adults, we made plenty of eye contact, moved in an almost perfect square and kicked some hardcore ass. I’d say we’ve matured…a little. Daaa bears even came out to play – on their own! We didn’t even plan it! That’s when you know your tribe is the shit, they make things harder, even without you telling them to! (Credit to MVP no2 McLovin for the rousing the bears!). Our Positivity Award makes it’s second voyage into society today. I’m sure Melissa and her adorable park bench tagging offspring will show it a good time! Thanks to the Lululemon Run Club – La Jolla for throwin down and for the NPSD entry into ChatterRunGirl Yoga for Athletes Workshop! “Like” it on FB and then show up next week to see if you’ve won! I say it it every week – but I fucking love you guys, you all kick ass and put up 110% each workout – enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, you earned it this morning!

Be Happy! Be Strong! Be Bright SD!

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