When Stairs Are Snowed Over We Play On The Playground

5:30AM Squad
5:30AM Squad

It’s winter. There’s a lot of snow. The snow is interfering with our stair running. But instead of bitching and whining about it like everyone else in New England, we make the best of it.

There is something magical about playing in the snow. Now, doing it with hundreds of your friends… words can’t describe it… But this facebook album can. Note that there is not a single photo (except from the group photo) where people don’t smile like second graders playing during recess. Further proof that we’re all kids at heart. And man it feels good to go back to the simple times, and simply PLAY in the snow without any worries or cares in the world.

On Friday we’re back on Summit ave. Recruit more racers and smilers and huggers. Also, come and pickup your tagged #GrassrootsGear from few weeks ago! #EarnYourWeekend

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