Ice Ice Baby

Whaddaydo when your steps are frozen solid? Like 3 inches of ice solid? You tear a page outta the Mothership’s playbook and do a Deck Day workout nearby. Members blindly followed the fearless leader to a snowy meadow where we did a dynamic warm-up, followed by cross country snowy sprints and the ever lovable Deck of Cards—which were labeled to avoid any confusion. We were joined by our favorite local Russian and a Butler University Newbie!  Woot, woot! Our official November Project stencil made its debut (fuck yeah!) and we made some peeps happy with some #grassrootgear to sport ‘round the Circle City. Wednesday is our favorite day of the week! We look forward you seeing your sweaty, smiling face every Wednesday 6:25 AM at the Butler Bell Tower! Stay in touch on facebook and twitter @Nov_ProjectIND  ’til then.

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