It’s All About Community, Man

Community: First, on their run in, a “star” newbie and last week’s Hard-Hat Award winner pushed a damsel’s car out of the snow. Second, on her drive from the burbs, another of our tribe found and reunited a lost pup with its owner. Alas, no babies were kissed and no fires put out, so we did not “hit for the cycle.” These folks shined in a special way this morning, showing others what November Project is all about. Thank you for your kind spirits and kickassedness!

The Workout: Icy steps call for jammed-close suicides, teamwork (YES!), sets of hoisties, burpees, leg-throws and incline push-ups/planks (using your partner as your incline). A few courageous tribe members even took the challenge and carried their partners up the steps to the top. All succeeded and were cheered! Props to everyone for getting up and out with us. Sunrise is best when it is shared! The tribe is super strong!

As is our new custom, prior to our group photo, Phil had to say “goodbye” to the Hard-Hat. Phil chose to pass the hat on to Kurt D’Andrea because he “travels from another state” (Kurt crosses the bridge from New Jersey) and holds the current top NP_PHL PR. Kurt is a leader in the truest sense, never misses a workout, encourages all and is FAST AS HELL! We look forward to your Hard-Hat adventures this week, Kurt. Congratulations!

Shirts were tagged, and world takeover continues. Keep recruiting! Keep coming back! Keep building community! Stay amazing! See y’all next Wednesday for PRs!
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