Olympic Week Opening Ceremonies

Today marked the start of our Olympic Week. Most athletes qualified through an intense 7 month of training to make it to this week. 3 of them were newbies and had their own secret training program. 8 countries ranging from the Sharky Sharks to the Kinda-Looks-Like-Stars  to the Moo Cows have their chance to realize their dreams. The opening event saw the Space Ships edge out the Zig Zags in a series of 9 heats. It was a test of strength and mind (and most people struggled at the mind part).

Here are your top 5 after the first event.

1) Space Ships
2) Ziggy Zags
3) Stripey Stripes
4) Team Lamp
5) Snow Queens

Olympic week continues on Wednesday at the Royal Glenora Stairs at 6am.

This Saturday is our winter social at the Central Social Hall. We will be there at 7pm. Come join us, and find out what we all look like when we are not layered to the 9s.

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