What’s the nicest?

Why Pumpkin Spices, of course!

We know most (all) of you had no idea what this Pumpkin Spices situation was all about. But it’s all good (we don’t care).

It’s actually an inside joke from this past weekend at the Meeting of the Minds, where 105 November Project Co-Leaders from across 49 different cities across 8 different countries gathered to connect, share ideas, and discuss the future of this MOVEMENT.

And just like this morning, it was a hell of a good time.

November Project San Diego MOM

And just like this morning, it got weird and uncomfortable.

You see, while it’s an opportunity and quite the perk for us co-leaders to get together, do some camping, have a few laughs (and drinks), it’s also time for us to get down to issues – such as how we can crush it as a tribe, our continued growth, our non-profit status, and even talking about inclusivity, diversity, and how we can continue to become more welcoming as a tribe and individuals.

November Project San Diego MOM

We won’t dig into it here, nor at a workout, but you need to know that these discussions don’t just stop at the co-leaders. These cities would not thrive and these tribes would not exist without YOU. So over the coming weeks, Shira and I are committed to ensuring you’re in the know. And we’re committing to creating space where you can ask us questions, dig in, and be a part of what we’re building.

November Project San Diego

We can’t do this without you. And that’s the nicest.

Be bright, NPSD.

Don’t forget some important announcements

  • MONDAY, 6:29 AM. To continue our Bridge theme, we’re at the “Adventures in Bridge” Bridge Club in Clairemont.
  • August 8 – Grassroots Gear Trunk Show! The Garage downtown. More details coming.
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