For the Ages (YEG)


On the way home from my workout, I said that this is going to be one of those workouts that we talk about forever.

As I left home for the workout, there was a tiny bit of rain coming from the sky. I figured it was perfect for our workout. As I got closer to the stadium, the flashes of light (also known as lightning) started getting brighter, and the thunder started getting louder. At that point, I knew that this morning was going to be different. And while we all gathered and started talking to our friend from the stadium, it became clear that we were either going to have to workout in the washrooms, or outside the stadium. As Jen and I debated the pros and cons of tricep dips off the toilets, the other half of our brains started thinking about what the workout would be. We’ve had to make calls on the fly before, but we’ve never dealt with this before in our 5 years. In fact, we’ve only ever had lightning one other time in 5 years, and it was at our second ever workout. So, at this pace, we’ll deal with it again in 2023.

It was pretty amazing to see everyone somehow find room inside the yellow line. And I used the over the hill joke way too many times this morning. My biggest takeaway is how everyone, confused AF, embraced the modified stadium workout this morning. It all comes back to how you choose to show up. When there’s a curveball thrown at you (this is a reference to a sport called baseball), it is up to you to determine how you handle it. You can walk away, which is a strange thing to do in baseball. You can get upset and spend the rest of the workout pouting because things aren’t going your way. Or you can put on a smile, embrace the change, and roll with the punches (this is an unconfirmed boxing reference). The great thing about this morning was that we all embraced the change. Did anyone expect this when they made their way to the stadium this morning? Absolutely not. But did we all have a good time? Absolutely. We adjusted, we laughed, we met some people, and we got really really close to people we have never met before.


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