Birthdays with cupcakes are just the best [MTL]


  • Jeremy is back and was my guest co-lead for this week
  • It was Heather’s birthday today and we celebrated it with cupcakes 🙂
  • Next week: babysitters will take care of you all
  • Golden Square Mile is SOLD OUT… but let us know if you need a spot

This morning was just awesome!!! Jeremy was back from a two-week hiatus to join me to co-lead the weekly workout. He made us sweat! To top it all off, he even brought his shoes to use as markers so that we could do the workout in an orderly fashion. What a champ! Thanks Jeremy for your time and your kindness. We are eternally grateful.

Today also marked Heather’s birthday 🙂 Not only did she show up, she also brought cupcakes for everyone! Talk about a community leader. We are all so glad you are part of this and very happy to see you this morning. Happy birthday again from NP Montréal!

Let us now talk about the Golden Square Mile…coming up in less than a month! On August 12th 2018 at 10 a.m., we will hold the very first edition of the Golden Square Mile Race #goldensquaremile18 – presented by November Project Montréal in partnership with The North Face. This FREE unsanctioned race will start at the North Face Store on Ste-Catherine Street and race the famous Golden Square Mile of Montréal, Quebec Canada. For your information, the race is now officially sold out.   So if you did not get your ticket on time, shame on you! Just kidding, let me know if you need a ticket and I’ll try my best to see what we could do for you. However, let me know asap because the closer we get to the event, the more difficult it will be to get you in. You have been warned!

That is it for this week. As mentioned earlier today, next week two babysitters will be taking care of you all. You’ll have to #justshowup on Wednesday to see who they will be. We will be taking guesses in the comments section of this blog post. If you guess right, you might just win a prize 🙂

Peace out y’all!

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