What Went Down in Vancouver, B.C. (Canada)

We were there. Not “WE” as in Bojan and BG, the fearless leaders of the charming world takeover group known as News Channel 19, oh no. When we say “WE” we’re referring to the 65 athletes, the two Co-Founders (got into Canada with only one passport between the two of us – weird), and one hell of a raincloud that hilariously kicked in at 6:32AM and wrapped up just after the group photo.

The vibe was strong. The workout was efficient. The #GrassrootsGear was sharp.

This was a pop-up workout and as we get ready to leave Vancouver we want to point your attention to the fierce dudes who are looking to build this tribe. If they pledge the right way, the next 8 Wednesdays will prove that Vancouver is ready for an official November Project tribe. Please, work as a community, spread the word, show up, and give us a reason to come back to this lovely city with official stencils and an engraved Positivity Award.

Please show up at 6:29AM next week at The Olympic Flame and/or contact this dude for more info. We hope to be back in roughly 9 weeks.

BG and Bojan of November Project, your News Channel 19.


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