Free Nose Massages (YWG)

Here at November Project Winnipeg we know that the number one reason people come out every Wednesday morning is their nose.  The nose is the morning coffee of the human body; the bacon to yours eggs, the peanut butter to your jam.  The nose is where it all starts and where it ultimately comes to a satisfactory conclusion of senses and aromas.


I don’t know what any of that means, but one thing i’ll tell you without a doubt is that it was an absolute pleasure to watch all of you welcome each other to the workout this morning with a soft, gentle caress of each others schnozes (wow apparently thats a real word – who knew?).  You all have beautiful noses, beautiful faces, and you brought your A game to make this one hell of a beautiful morning!


The weather was perfect.  The grass was dry.  The bleachers of Scotia was steep.  And the P.R. was a grind and a half.  But you did it – you took the power of the nose and crushed another epic Wednesday morning with 60 other smiling, happy, brilliant faces, and we were so excited to see you all pushing each other and growing this community one burpee and noobie-hug at a time.

We decided to switch up P.R. day (always the last day of the month) to take advantage of the summer weather and not be cramped in to the parking garage while its so gorgeous out.  The new summer PR is an out and back sprint with distance options of 2 km and 4 km, with 10 mandatory burpees at the turn around point.  This was hard; everyone pushed it to the edge and set a formidable base line to come and and beat next month.  Shout out to Derek and Graham for pushing the limits and cruising in together under 15 mins at the 4 km distance, and to everyone else who left it all on the track (including breakfast).


We heard from a fresh face this morning – Jodi – who is a server at Stella’s.  She heard about the workouts because one of you beautiful people were feasting on your post Wednesday morning calorie re-fuel and you recruited the shit out of her.  Fuck ya you did!  We were not kidding when we said #recruiteverything – the World Take Over is real and we won’t stop until Winnipeg is fit, fast, and all of our noses get a lovely massage from a stranger.

What can we say about Dauna-Lee?  Todays positivity award winner messaged us on Facebook 4 weeks ago asking what the workouts were like; she is new to the fitness lifestyle and was looking for new ways to challenge herself.  She showed up all alone 4 weeks ago to a workout and has been shining ever since – rocking #GrassrootsGear like a boss, recruiting all her friends, family, and people walking their dog on the street, and never taking that contagious smile of her face.  Dauna-Lee you are an absolute inspiration and represent everything this tribe is about – keep rocking it girl, you are a rock star!!!


Dauna Lee PA

Special thanks to Chris AKA Perry Como for the photography skills this morning; 386 pictures of pure NP YWG gold that you will be seeing all over social media for a long time to come.  Fuck ya Chris, you are the man!

A couple of announcements for those that have made it this far (Rick was too excited this morning and forgot to say these…):

1) November Project Summit – September 25-26 in Park City, Utah.  The NP nation from all over North America is descending on the North Face Endurance Challenge race and it is sure to be epic.  Rick and Tom will be there – will you???

2) MEC Race #2 – we are hoping to get the tribe out to MEC race # 2 and beat our 17 runners from race # 1.  The next race is May 24 out at Birds Hill.  Register here and if you need to carpool out to Birds Hill get at us because there will be lots of people heading out that can help!

Smell ya later,

Rick and Tom

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