Tapas the Charts! (LAX)

Today #np_lax hit the tapas the charts. With the variety of random group exercises the tribe got a whole lot of randomness with our variety tapas workout. Like tapas we literary did an array of multiple different exercises ranging from sprints, back to back wall sits, army crawls and everybody’s favorite, Sebastians! For those who were newbies to Sebsatians they were greeted with a friends Fuck yeah when they were screaming out numbers slamming their bodies to the floor.

Besides the manor smiles were flowing and sweat was pouring if you pushed yourself to the limit at todays workout.

This Saturday we have the !Ariba! Hustle!  which will be an epic race threw Downtown LA where your only course markers are tortilla chips laid out across the floor. The trick is to try and catch those laying out the course works in time to win a free beer!!! Meet at Grand Park 7pm! There will be beers flying so bring your money and we encourage you to take the metro to Grand Park!



Friday— Baldwin Hills Stairs aka Culver City Stairs!!!

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