What November Project Means to Me: by Lightening Girl (BOS)

Liv, aka Lightening Girl, and her two sisters, Sylvie & Freya, led the NP_BOS bounce this morning. Their parents were asked to stand in for Capoze and me (EmSauce) since we both were away for Thanksgiving, but those smart parent-folks, Erika and Eric, delegated to the kids, which was a brilliant idea all-around. And Lightening Girl herself wrote the following blog, for which we’d like to say a great big thank you. Reflections from our youngest members are always welcome!

November Project is inspiring to me as a kid because of the positive and welcoming community it is.  I love going because I know that me, Sylvie and Freya are in good hands. The bear hugs, high fives, competition, and smiles really bring that air of acceptance to the hearts of me and my family.   

The first time I came to November Project was on my birthday when I turned four.   The memory that stands out the most to me the most was this question that keep going through my head, “What am I doing with all these sweaty people?”  At one point I remember Brogan lifting me onto his shoulders. I distinctly remember a battle going on in my head whole time. Part of me was marveling about being so high, but another part of me was squirming around because I really didn’t want to get my pants slimy and have to look like them.

When I go to N.P. in the morning, I know not to be afraid to be the true me.

At one of the pool parties, I was down at the deep end and I was getting pretty tired of treading water.  If this had been at a birthday party or something else, I would have tried to splash every ounce of my strength into keeping my head above the water to show that I “Could”, But at N.P. I wasn’t afraid to yell at my mom to try and grab onto my arm.  I knew that here at November Project we embraced our limits, so in the end, I treaded a bit more and then my mom came over and I kept on cannonballing.

The diversity of the N.P. community really touches me because I love being able to share the message that we are all humans and we can all run, so we should do it together.  

monday workout:

12/2 workout will be at 6:29am, at Hall’s Pond Sanctuary in Brookline. #JustShowUp

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