#997 Celebrations (YEG)

In one week we will be celebrating our 1000 workout. That’s 1000 early mornings of fitness and community. That’s 1000 opportunities to meet and connect with other human beings (& dogs too…oh yeah, and the one cat that’s come to our workout). That’s 1000 invitations to thank someone for showing up with a high 5 or a hug. That’s 1000 sweaty dates to run hills, climb, stairs, do a deck-of-cards, grab bag, phone number or other workout circuit we’ve dreamt up. That’s 1000 early wake-ups that welcomed you to explore our amazing city and hopefully introduced to you some gems that you didn’t even know existed. There are probably more than 1000 various reasons for us to celebrate next Friday, so for whatever yours is, I hope you join us! Perhaps it will even be because you’re celebrating the first time you chose to #justshowup.

While on the topic of celebrations, I want to share a story from this morning. After time was called I had the pleasure of walking down the hill with someone, who when I asked how their morning was the response was, “GREAT!” There was a pause and she proceeded to explain why it was a great morning. For the first time, she ran the entire hill!! She shared that she starting with walking the hill and today was able to run it without stopping – what a win!! That was something to celebrate and I am so glad that she chose to tell me why her morning was so great. I encouraged her to celebrate and share her success with her photo neighbor during the group photo. I hope she did because I think we can all relate to those “NP-firsts.” I share this story because there is a lot to celebrate every morning we chose to #justshowup. Some are 1000 workout milestones, some are #NPbutton days, some are thrilling games of “what’s in the bag,” some are running non-stop up a really steep hill, whatever it is I hope that we can share those celebrations with one another.

#justshowup 6 AM

  • Monday #998 – Churchill Square
  • Wednesday #999 – Royal Glenora Stairs
  • Friday #1000 – Walterdale Hill

Also, if you need to stock up on winter layers, want to start your Christmas shopping or need new running shoes, our friends at the 109th street Running Room have extended a VIP sale to us on November 30th. #justshowup at any point throughout the day wearing grassroots gear, an NP buff or, as Nadim suggested this morning, walk in and exclaim, “I love November Project,” and you can take advantage of their black Friday deals. The VIP discount will cover anything else that isn’t already discounted.

Until next time…SMILE! J

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